The most expensive photos in the world…

January 29, 2013

99_cent_II,_diptychon_-_Photo_courtesy_of_Sotheby'sIt’s amazing to think that one of the most expensive photographs ever sold should be of the inside of an ultra-cheapo 99c store, but life’s funny like that.

Andreas Gursky’s “99 cent II Diptychon” sold for the not-insignificant sum of $3,346,456 at Sotheby’s in London back in February 2007. A second print sold for $2.5 million, while a third fetched $2.48 million in 2006 – making them the third-and-fourth most expensive photos ever sold. Gursky, a native of Germany, is famous for taking large-scale pictures of architecture, usually from a high vantage point, using cranes or helicopters. He makes no bones about digitally manipulating shots to give multiple views of the same object, splicing it all together to form an overall impression of what one critic has called “context without context.”

For obvious reasons, finding a high-res copy of the 99c proved near-impossible, but the above should give you an idea….

As for the second-most expensive photo ever sold…

The Pond-Moonlight by Edward Streichen is an early example of a colour photograph, taken in 1904. A tad too early for digital manipulation, light-sensitive gums were applied to get the desired effect, meaning that each print (only three are known to exist) is slightly different. As the name suggests, the photo depicts a forest scene across a pond, with the moon appearing in a gap between the trees. In 2006, one of the prints was sold for $2.9 million, then the highest price ever paid for a photograph.



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